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CEF Trading - Psychology and Risk Management

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Psychology and Risk Management is a two part resource covering the two topics that do not directly relate to technical analysis and instead focus on bettering your actual technique of executing trades outside of your analysis. The first section is called Trading Psychology and covers the mental side of trading away from the charts where you will learn about the implications of your emotions in your trading and how to avoid that. And in the second part of this resource is all about risk management where we talk about the different ways in which we can maximize profit and reduce risk outside of your direct technical analysis. Down below I will mention all the sub-sections of the two sections: Trading Psychology: 1. What is Trading Psychology? 2. The path to consistent profit. 3. Having the correct mindset on your journey. Risk Management: 1. What is Risk Management? 2. Take profit placement and partials. 3. Stop-loss placement in depth. 4. Leverage and Capital Placement. 5. The importance of the risk reward ratio.

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