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CEF Trading - Wyckoff's theory

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Wyckoff's theory is one of the largest written and video resources covering one of the most important subjects taught here at CEF Trading. In this resource we cover all the topics that are so commonly used and referenced throughout the CEF resources and community. These topics talk about the "smart money concepts" that are increasingly being used in the wider trading community. Therefore it is becoming true that many education sources outside of CEF crypto teach these topics in the wrong way claiming that they will magically transform your trading but this is simply not true; if you learn how to apply these topics in the right way (as we teach in this resource) you will see some benefit to your trading. This resource involves the following: Section 1 - Basics and laws of Wyckoff's theory - What is in Wyckoff's theory? - Wyckoff market phases and cycles - The law of supply and demand - The law of cause and effect - The law of effort and result Section 2 - Advanced Wyckoff concepts and schematics - What are schematics and how do we use them? - Accumulation schematics - Distribution schematics - What is actually happening in a schematic? Section 3 - Trading using Wyckoff - How to apply schematics to your trading analysis - How to use Wyckoff in the three step method - Trading example uing wyckoff's theory

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