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CEF Trading - Intro and Basics

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Our Intro and Basics resource is designed for all as an introduction to CEF Trading as a whole as well as the basic knowledge needed before moving on to the slightly more advanced topics found in our other resources. Here at CEF Trading, we cater towards anyone wanting to get involved in trading therefore no matter how much you know we are here to teach and mentor you. This resource covers the following topics: Section 1: Introduction - What do the CEF Trading resources teach? - Mindset and how to go about becoming succesful - How are the CEF Trading services laid out? - How can you get the most out of our services? Section 2: What concepts are taught in CEF Trading? - Liquidity - Volume - Wyckoff Section 3: How to take trades using Crypto Futures - Finding and using the right exchange - What are Crypto futures? - Leverage and Margin Section 4: Basic trading education and terminology: - Trading terminology - Introduction to trading for complete beginners - How to use a candlestick chart

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