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CEF Trading - How to bring it all together.

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Once you have all the core knowledge there is a higher level of education that is needed to put your new understanding into practice. In this resource I cover everything there is to know about mindset, key tips in strategy development and how you should go into this new process that you are about to embark on. For us here at CEF Trading, this really is the pinnicle of our resources as it rounds up everything you have learned and opens up the doors to trading yourself. There is a certain mindset and understanding of trading and the financial markets as a whole that breeds a successful trader and this is needed for everyone to put what they have learned into practice. It is all good having the education but if you don't have the correct mindset or skill to execute properly then you won't get anywhere in this industry. This is one of those things that also may require questions and learning for yourself so I strongly suggest to everyone to push forward in whatever strategy or methods you are pursuing (our methods aren't the only ones that work when used properly) and if you are a CEF Trader make sure to drop Tom Davey (head of CEF Trading) for any questions.

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