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CEF Trading

What's Included

The CEF Trading Institution Roadmap

The below CEF Trading institution roadmap is a basic estimation that is expected for every single CEF Trader that puts their mind and soul towards becoming the best trader they can possibly be.


This rough estimation of time is the average time it takes to get to each stage of your trading journey with the help of the CEF Trading services. 

A Timeline for CEF traders to use to represent their trading journey

Stage 1:
You start your journey as a CEF Trader and access the website base education.

Stage 2:

You begin to use the CEF Trading Discord and ground your trading knowledge in a way you have never done before. At this point you are mostly profitable.

Stage 3: 
You begin to put your newfound knowledge into real use, building a strategy with a mentor to create wealth.
Stage 4: 
You have mastered your strategy and are now successfully working on using it in live trades.
Stage 5: 
You have become fully profitable trading and are now looking to join our higher traders team or become funded.

What is included in CEF Trading and why does this separate us from the competition?

Package Breakdown

The CEF Trading resources covers everything there is to know about the logic based side of trading.


Here we talk about what goes on behind the charts, how to recognise that and how to apply it in many of our in-depth written explanations and videos.


The quality and content of our education services is a key factor in pushing us levels above our competition.


No-one else in this industry provides a trading package so fine tuned to the type of trading that will make you money in the crypto market in the long term. We educate you to build wealth not quick money.

As a part of this side of the education, CEF Trading offers a free data collection template and access to the CEF Trading stratregy formula all at no extra fee.

What will you gain from it?

Unfortunately, the crypto space has become crowded with scams and fake promises of quick and easy money.


We here at CEF Trading understand that this is not realistic and therefore lay out the path to financial success within trading that we strongly believe anyone can achieve with the correct mindset, attitude and strive for achievement. We give you the template to become successful but you must implement it yourself.


With those attributes you will see a large improvement in your trading knowledge as well as a high income skill for the future to develop.

What is the mentorship aspect?

One of the main things separating us from our weak competition in the crypto and trading space is the fact that we provide a mentorship style package like no other.


In all CEF Trading packages we offer completely free 1-on-1 mentorship calls and are always free to answer any questions no matter what you need help on.


Your education and training is our priority which is why we are always open to helping you on your journey as a trader and potentially working with us in the future. 

CEF Content Breakdown

Order of Education 


Intro and Basics

Our Intro and Basics resource is designed for all as an introduction to CEF Trading as a whole as well as the introducing a basic level of knowledge that is needed before moving on to the slightly more advanced topics found in our other resources. CEF Trading, caters toward anyone wanting to get involved in trading therefore no matter how much you know we are here to teach and mentor you. This resource covers the following topics:

Section 1: Introduction

Section 2: What concepts are taught in CEF Trading?


Section 3: How to take trades using Crypto Futures


Section 4: Basic trading education and terminology

Core TA Concepts 



Market Structure

Volume, Liquidity and Market Structure (as well as other topics) are the core, vital techniques that are at the base of everything we do here at CEF Trading. These are the type of methods that are proven to work with the correct use and dedication and is what separates our traders from the common trader. 

These three core techniques are used relentlessly together in perfect harmony to build strategies that can be learnt by anyone with the correct mindset to learn and dedication to their trading.

Advance Techniques

Wyckoff's Theory

Market Structure

Our by far largest and most in-depth resource is Wyckoff's Theory. This is a key part of some of the CEF Trading Strategies and is a valuable concept of technical analysis which is the backbone of what has made CEF Traders successful. 


Over many years these techniques have been relentlessly analysed and understood in order to produce profitable and funded traders. It is more than just what you see on the charts, it is the sentiment behind every single part of our other analysis.

We will not break down these in full due to maintaining discloser of our techniques. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Applying them to our trading


Risk Management

Data collection


Psychology and Risk Management is a two part resource covering the two topics that do not directly relate to technical analysis and instead focus on bettering your actual technique of executing trades outside of your analysis.


The first section is called Trading Psychology and covers the mental side of trading away from the charts where you will learn about the implications of your emotions in your trading and how to avoid that. And the second part of this resource is all about risk management where we talk about the different ways in which we can maximize profit and reduce risk outside of your direct technical analysis.

Arguably one of the most important tools in trading, keeping a clear track of your trading data is vital to success in trading. This section of the package offers you access to this eduction and a template for you to get started in your data collection.

In addition to the above, this section also goes into depth about the importance and use of a trading strategy and teaches you how to build your own using the CEF Trading strategy formula - all at no extra cost. This is where our traders see transformations in their trading and skillset whilst working with the mentors 1 on 1.


CEF Trading offers a wide variety of trading services including videos, private discord channels, in-depth education resources, private mentorship and much more. 

Private Discord channels


The CEF Discord server is the heart of our community and is the perfect tool to provide the services that don't directly link to the education here on this website.


These services are released to private channels that all members of CEF Trading are a part of and include: loading bays (where I share my analysis), trading and analysis streams, community loading bays, weekly market research from the CEF Team and much more.

You will be consistently in the loop to trades CEF take and will get a deeper understanding of the psychology for making profit.

Education Resources


The education resources are the bulk of the package to those who are new to CEF Trading.


They include the most in depth explanations of how to trade logically, concepts in the crypto markets in the industry. A very common mistake people make when learning to trade crypto using technical analysis is that they learn the right stuff, but not how to adapt it to the low-liquidity, volatile crypto markets.

Here at CEF Trading we re-assure you that the base knowledge needed to take your trading live is adjusted to the crypto markets to ensure the simplest route to profitability possible in the early stages of your trading journey.

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