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How does Crypto apply to the CEF?

Crypto is what makes CEF, CEF. Without it there would be no substance for a business like ourselves to work from.
We specialise in the broadcasting and publication of the knowledge of crypto. We bring to light what all people need to know about crypto, especially in the current era that we live in. 
If your not moving forward you are getting left behind; Nowadays you must have at least a basic knowledge of all things crypto and that’s what we are here for.

How does Education apply to the CEF?

Education is our main reason as to why CEF came to be, we wanted there to be a way to access the knowledge you need, all times of the day, changing with the current climate. We didn’t want people to feel a lack of understanding in certain aspects of crypto as we think this breeds unfair advantage. 
You should take every single piece of leverage possible to become successful in crypto. It takes time and trust and is not for the weak hearted. 
Essential our education will be a mixed between an interactive learning site such as ‘Brilliant’ and a community for people to work off of each other in.

How does Foundation apply to the CEF?

Foundation - "an institution established with an endowment, for example a research body"


What we at CEF want more than anything is to see our community prosper.
We want people in our community to be able to seek questions from fellow members, we want people in our community to be bouncing their own knowledge off of each other and most importantly we want people to love their time spent while in this community.
If this is all we can bring to the crypto space, then we are happy.

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