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Cryptocurrency and Forex Chart Going Up


Crypto Education Foundation

Leading the industry in the education of institutional trading methods & the breaking down of current crypto events. 


Providing Opportunity For All Aspiring Traders ...

Trades Of The Year

Crypto Gain

BTC Short was taken using a HTF confirmation play in line with the CEF Trading analysis.

Crrypto Gains

A Spot buy on a low capped crypto named RIO was taken due to research done by CEF Research.

Crypto Gains

ETH long taken due to retest of bearish structure aligning with our CEF Trading analysis.

The Process

To understand how you will move forward into your trading journey you must first understand how the CEF mentorship process operates...


Choose Your Plan

Choose between CEF Trading and CEF Research. Both offer different benefits and access with CEF Trading being our main mentorship program


Enroll in Your Courses

Now you have chosen your CEF Plan you have access to over 30+ courses.


For CEF Trading you will be offered all of our courses along with private mentorship from our mentors.


Now Chose Your Trading Strategy

As a part of CEF Trading we have collated data for two different trading strategies both with huge upside.

Now you get to choose which fits you!



Being a CEF Trading member has the main perk of having access to experienced traders that can answer your every question.

Use them freely !

What makes CEF Trading Different?

Our Methods


Our innovative CEF Trading methods derive from techniques used in the foreign exchange markets that follow the footprints that institutional investors take which are changed to fit into the crypto landscape.

Usually this type of trading is often taught wrong and labelled as "smart money concept trading". However, we teach trading in a different way to the majority because we align ourselves to the idea of using these concepts to provide a statistical edge in the market that we can consistently profit off. 

The way our methods hugely differ is in the reasoning. Usually technical analysis for trading is based upon lines on a graph, indicators and many other useless factors. The problem with these is the lack of reasoning. Why is this bullish wedge, bullish? Why does the RSI mean this? All these questions largely have no answers, and that is where our methods of trading excel. 

Crypto Logo

CEF Trading

-Access to Our Tailored Trading Education Resources

-Access to Private Trading Discord + Community

-Access to Weekly Market Insight Loading Bays

-Access to CEF 1 on 1 Mentorship + Calls

-Access to Exclusive CEF Trading Videos

-Access to CEF Trading Models and Strategies

-Access to Private Research Discord + Community

-Access to 5 Crypto Case Studies

-Access to Daily Market Updates

-Access to CEF Trading and community loading bays

-Access to Inside Information on The Crypto Market Weekly

-Access to the CEF Trading Discord breakdowns and lessons

-Access to the CEF Trading data collection templates

Let Us Know

Contact CEF Crypto to ask questions or queriers you may have regarding published work, teaching, collaboration opportunities or for any other inquiries.

Thanks for submitting!

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